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Humancrafted is a Bournemouth based and globally operating, engineering and product consultancy specialising in User Experience, React.js and React Native, GraphQL, Node.js and the extended Javascript ecosystem. In short, we build high quality exclusive mobile and web applications.
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What We Do


Product Design

Qualified UX experts with users at heart, helping you research, refine and test your product road-map.


Architecture and Auditing

Get it right with architecture that scales across large teams and huge user bases. Improve your applications metrics with deep code introspection.


Frontend - Web and Mobile Applications

Quality frontend code, build by design-savvy engineers that love sleak solutions.


Backend / Cloud Platform

Enterprise backend systems in Node.js, including service architecture, cloud deployment and scalability.


We approach every project with a long-term view ensuing sustainability, maintainability and stability are always at the heart of our decisions. Our objective is to help you create quality products that people love, through outcome driven innovation, which will scale well and achieve your business goals. Humancrafted utilises agile methodologies to ensure an efficient and adaptable workflow helps meet our clients needs. We quickly identify solutions and work with you to create an efficient plan to ensure that we’re always delivering.

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